29. Januar 2016

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Disinfectant Efficiency Testing

Disinfectant Efficiency Testing

You developed a disinfectant and you are unsure about its efficiency? We help you by testing your product according to DIN EN guidelines!

Production rooms and laboratories in healthcare and medical and pharmaceutical facilities have to remain free from microorganisms to prevent contamination of the handled products. To guarantee a sterile environment, several disinfectants can be used.  Testing the efficacy of the desinfectant ensures the effectiveness of the used agents. The testing of your disinfectants is conducted according to the European guidelines (EN13704, EN13697, EN1276, EN1650).


Microbial Identification

Microbial Identification shigella

Test your product for potential pathogenes and make it safe!

Identification of microbes and thereby of potential pathogens is essential for the safety of medical products and your health. We identify the microbes of your Bioburden testing and specify the results of your potable water with various methods:

  • Bacteria species identification (gram-staining, catalase-, oxidase-, koagulase-reaction)
  • DNA-sequencing